For Current Families* who recommend a New Family ** to LYT for the School Year session we offer a $5 tuition credit***.  For example- you refer 3 New Families, you receive a $15 tuition credit.  You refer 7 New Families, you receive a $35 tuition credit.

In order to receive the credit, the following criteria must be met- 

  • The New Family must indicate the name of the referring Current Family on their Registration Form (on the “Referred by” line on the online registration). Referrals have to be indicated on the Registration Form, any other communication will not count.
  • After the New Family completes three consecutive months of enrollment, the referring family will receive a $5 tuition credit to their account (you will be notified by email when this is ready to be used).
  • Referral credit is based on a per-New Family basis and is not affected by the number of students in the New Family or how many classes they enroll in.
  • New students cannot receive referral credit by referring other new students.

* Current families are families with a student enrolled for the current summer session or were enrolled in the previous 2017/2018 session.
** New families are families who have never had a student enrolled at LYT.

*** This is a one time tuition credit and not an ongoing discount.  For example- you refer one New Family in August, and after their 3 consecutive month's of enrollment (Sept, Oct, Nov. ) you receive $5 off December's tuition.