Welcome New LifeLight Families!

LifeLight Youth Theatre productions involve a lot of exciting events. We’ve provided a run down below to help you through everything that will happen during the process to help you out during your first show with us!

Classes – only students enrolled in a LYT drama or theatre class may audition for MAINSTAGE OR SCENES AND SONGS. 
Auditions – Auditions are for role placement only and all students are cast. Please see the AUDITION section on this page. 
Callbacks – you may or may not get called back for more auditioning
Rehearsals – take place on Mondays.   
To Accommodate Rehearsal For Spring Musical Production

  • Theatre I class/ rehearsal time extends December 18 and then in mid- March 2nd semester from 1:30pm- 4:30pm.Please see SHOW DETAILS for more details.  
  • Theatre II's class /rehearsal time extends December 18 and all of 2nd semester from 1:30pm- 4:30pm. ​Please see SHOW DETAILS for more details.  

Production Committees – family members sign up and participate in a production committee(s) that will require pre show preparation and show commitments
Costume Parade– a time for the Artistic Team to see cast members in full costume, hair & makeup
Tech/ Dress Rehearsal/PerformancesWeek- May 28, 2024- June 1, 2024- MainStage Shows are usually at Westminster Christian Academy,800 Maryville Centre Dr, Town & Country, MO 63017
Strike – after the last show, everybody cleans up, then there is a Post-Show Celebration
Cast Party – date to be determined by cast party committee- time for cast and crew to celebrate their hard work – lots of fun!


Production Fees are one of the five sources of income that support each production. The others are ticket sales, concessions, special activities and advertisements. Production Fees are the seed money to get the production rolling. Production fees are paid online at LifeLight Youth Theatre’s
secure online payment system

Special Arrangements. 
While we think the Production Fee is a great value, we understand that it can be a daunting amount, especially for families that have multiple children in the production. We do not want to prohibit anyone from being part of a LifeLight Youth Theatre production. If you would like to discuss special arrangements/payment plan options, please contact LifeLight Youth Theatre at


What is it?   MAINSTAGE- The last extended rehearsal day at Grace CC with costumes before we head into tech week.  Parent meeting with important information about tech week for ALL LYT families- new info this year.  

When is it?   Monday,May 20 at 10am or 4pm at Grace CC 


  • DRESS REHEARSAL AT GRACE BEFORE TECH /DRESS/ SHOW WEEK from 10am- 4:30pm- Beauty and the Beast Mainstage Cast- Theatre I & Theatre II - bring lunch


  • Attend​ PARENT MEETING for ALL LYT families- all about TECH / DRESS/ SHOW WEEK- 2 meeting times to choose from 10am or 4pm.  


The show does not go on without our wonderful drama mamas and papas!  




What is it?   The Show Fair kicks off the MainStage season. It is a mandatory meeting for at least one parent (or adult representative).  

When is it?   Monday,January 8th at 1:30pm or 4pm at Grace CC 


  • Begin DISNEY'S BEAUTY AND THE BEAST rehearsals Theatre I- 1:30pm- 2:30pm and Theatre II -1:30pm- 4:30pm 
  • ​Receive their script. Scripts are rentals and may .  be marked in by pencil only. 
  • NEW HEADSHOT DATE- JANUARY 15- Have their headshot photos taken- please wear a plain black t shirt and be camera ready 😊


  • Sign up for a Pre-production committee (Costumes, Sets, Props, Marketing, Rehearsal Monitors, etc) and Production Week committees.
  • Bring $30 post dated check (May 20, 2024)-this check will not be cashed unless the MainStage students does not return their Beauty and the Beast script on May 20.  Scripts are rented and must be returned to licensing organization. 

Welcome to LifeLight Youth Theatre's Parent Place!

This Parent Place page is for LYT theatre/ drama parents with students in a LifeLight Youth Theatre production. This is your "place" for all information and forms related to the show and provides you with all the necessary information to jump right in!​​



The MainStage audition info page is your one stop for everything your Theatre I or Theatre II students needs to prepare for auditions.  


The Scenes and Songs CREATIVE DRAMA audition info page is your one stop for everything your Creative Drama student needs to prepare for auditions.