LifeLight Youth Theatre Behavior Policy & Guidelines

I.    To Students: What LYT expects of students:
Even though you are not yet an adult, we still expect you to behave in a Christ-centered manner.
Behavior issues will be discussed with your parents or legal guardians as appropriate.
If you choose to violate the policies listed below, you will be addressed personally at first (unless the violation is serious) and the consequences of that violation will be discussed with you.
You will be expected to honor those consequences.
Scripture commands you to honor your father and mother.
If the infraction is minor and you are dealt with personally (i.e., your parents are not consulted) please remember that you should always keep clear and open communication with your parents or legal guardians.
Therefore, we suggest that you go to your parents or legal guardians and discuss with them what happened.

II.    General
One of the main focuses of the LYT (LYT) is to foster a safe, nurturing and respectful, Christ-centered environment for LYT students. LYT therefore promotes and encourages Christ-honoring behavior of students at all times. This environment leads to students ability to have a great time learning and growing!​
When behavior-related conflicts arise, LYT has developed guidelines that encourage a consistency in responses throughout the group in order to ensure the well-being of students in the LYT
LYT understands that, when working with students, minor incidents are to be expected, but also realizes that both serious and chronic behavior issues can occur anytime human beings are involved.
LYT recognizes that behavior issues can be disruptive to classes, activities, rehearsals and productionsthat are an integral part of LYT.
LYT recognizes that some behaviors exhibited by students can lead to safety concerns for the entire group and therefore must be dealt with immediately.
LYT recognizes that students who are 17 years of age or younger are minors by law, and, as such, will be treated as minors. Therefore, LYT will communicate openly with parents or legal guardians and expect parents/legal guardians to guide their children in upholding the behavior standards set by LYT while they are participating in LYT activities or functions.
Therefore, LYT’s approach to address student behavior issues during any LYT classes, activities, events, rehearsals, concerts or productions is addressed below.

III.     Overview of Expected Student Behaviors

Participation in LIFELIGHT YOUTH THEATRE activities is a privilege and only cooperative, Christ-honoring behavior is allowed.
LYT students must demonstrate respect for leaders, directors, teachers, parent volunteers, and other adults at all times.
LYT students must demonstrate respect for the host facility being utilized, its employees, and the facility’s rules and guidelines at all times.
LYT students must demonstrate respect for each other at all times.
LYT students must use Christ-honoring language at all times, written, verbal, and non-verbal.
LYT students must willingly follow rules and guidelines set forth by the director, instructor, leader, or parent volunteer in charge of the activity, class, or function they are participating in.
LYT students are expected to be on time to activities or functions.
LYT students are expected to be obedient, cheerfully following corrective instructions if given to them.
LYT desires that all students live up to their potential and glorify the Lord in all that they do.

Classroom/Rehearsal/ Performance Guidelines
• Avoid unnecessary noise and distractions during rehearsals and performances. NO CELL PHONES ALLOWED OUT DURING CLASS OR REHEARSAL.   Cell phones that are out during class or rehearsal will be held by the instructor and given back at the end of the class/rehearsal.  
• Bathroom Usage: Children should use time before and after class for bathroom breaks. They will be allowed to take breaks if needed, but please plan ahead and use class breaks for needed restroom use. Please review proper bathroom behavior with your children, including toilet paper usage, hand washing, and sanitary product disposal prior to the start . 
Children who do not behave properly in the bathrooms or cause any damage will be required to have their parent personally escort them to the bathroom when needed throughout the day. Young boys may not use the girl’s restroom without a mom present. No moms or girls are allowed in the boy’s restroom and no dads are allowed in the girl’s restroom.
• REHEARSAL/ PERFORMANCE- Behave in a professional manner.
a. Attend all rehearsals and performances unless you are ill or have received the Director’s permission.
b. Be on time. (Parents: please pick up your children on time as well).
c. Be prepared with costumes, makeup, props, and scripts.
d. The director tells you what to do on stage, you may develop your character, but it better fall within our guidelines AND PRANKS ARE NOT TOLERATED! Within the Christian community we have a variety of opinions on many things, but when you take part in a group activity, you adhere to the standards set by this group. we expect students who participate to follow these guidelines and do not succumb to peer pressure, but use it as a time to explain why we are doing things this way.​

IV.      Behavior Specifics
A.         LIFELIGHT YOUTH THEATRE will not tolerate inappropriate language, whether communicated in a verbal, non-verbal, or written manner.
LYT expects students to be exemplary in their language (verbal, non-verbal, and written) during any LYT function, class, activity, or event.
Inappropriate language includes, but is not limited to:
Name calling
Profanity or sexually-charged words
Any non-verbal communication that comes across in a harassing, threatening, or profane manner toward another student or any adult
Procedure to follow when inappropriate language occurs:
If inappropriate language occurs, the adult in charge or the adult witnessing the language issue is to discuss the matter with the student privately. The adult in charge can make a decision as to whether tocontact the student’s parent at this point.
If inappropriate language continues, the student’s parents will be contacted and the issue will be discussed with the student, his parents, and adults involved. At this level, student may be removed from classes for one month, depending on interaction with parents.
Continued inappropriate language may be grounds for dismissal of the student from the class, activity, or event for the remainder of the school year.

B.         LIFELIGHT YOUTH THEATRE expects students to demonstrate absolutely no malicious physical contact.
Malicious physical contact includes, but is not limited to: hitting, pushing, shoving, punching, etc, directed at another student or adult with the intent to do harm.
Malicious physical contact does not include a student using physical force to defend himself or herself from another student or adult whose intent is to harm the student.
Procedure to follow when malicious physical contact occurs:
Malicious physical conduct is to be immediately reported to the adult leader or volunteer in charge ofthe activity or class.
The adult in charge will speak to the student privately about the incident.
Parents of the offender(s) and offended will be immediately notified. Parents and adults in charge will speak tothe students involved.
While discipline will be decided on a case-by-case basis, malicious physical contact impedes the safety of others participating in LYT activities, and is grounds for a student’s immediate removal from LYT for aminimum period of the remainder of that school year.

C.         LIFELIGHT YOUTH THEATRE will not tolerate bullying and dangerous behavior that affects another student or other students, or that affects any adult in charge at LYT.
Bullying includes but is not limited to behavior that hurts or harms another person emotionally and/or physically.
Bullying also includes harassment and threats, either non-verbal or verbal, directed toward another individual.
Procedure to follow when bullying is observed or reported:
All bullying behaviors should be immediately reported to the adult in charge of that activity.
Parents of the offender(s) and offended will be immediately notified.
Bullying or other dangerous behavior impedes the safety of others participating in LYT activities, and is grounds for a student’s immediate removal from LYT for a minimum period of the remainder of that school year.

D.         LIFELIGHT YOUTH THEATRE expects students to dress modestly and appropriately out of respect for other students in a group setting.
Students are to follow the LYT dress code.
The following procedure will be observed if violations of the dress code are observed by an adult:
Adult is to address student privately concerning proper dress in group settings (female adult to female adult, male adult - if available - to male adult).
Parents will be called if student arrives at a function inappropriately dressed and will be asked to bring proper clothing for the student.
Continued violation of modesty guidelines may result in further action, to be determined at the time.

E.         LIFELIGHT YOUTH THEATRE expects students to respect other’s property.
Students are not to take others’ property without their permission (stealing).
Parents will immediately be called if a student is caught stealing.
Students caught stealing will be expected to return items stolen or pay back the owner appropriately
Students caught stealing will be removed from LYT for the rest of that school year.
Students caught stealing run the risk of being removed from LYT  permanently.
If state laws require the reporting of the act, LYT leadership will be required to call the police.
Students are to respect the property of the host facility for their class, activity, rehearsal or function.
Students are to honor any rules, regulations, or guidelines that the host building staff has put in place.
Students are to address host facility staff with respect.
If a student unintentionally causes damage to a host facility building or furniture, he or she is responsible to immediately inform the LYT adult in charge.
The adult in charge will talk with the student, assess the situation, and go to the facility staff as appropriate.
The student will be asked to apologize to a staff member.
The student’s parents or legal guardians will be notified of the situation.
If the host facility requests payment for repairs of the damaged property, the student and/or family of thestudent involved will be responsible for that payment.
If a student intentionally causes damage to a host facility or to property within the host facility (i.e. vandalism, graffiti, etc), the following procedure will be followed:
The student’s parents or legal guardians will be notified.
The student / student’s family will be expected to pay for repair and/or restoration for damages done.
The student will not be allowed to participate in that activity for the rest of the school year, and runs the riskof being removed from LYT.
Continued vandalism will result in the student’s removal from LYT.

F.          LIFELIGHT YOUTH THEATRE students must demonstrate respect for leaders, directors, teachers, parent volunteers, and other adults at all times.
LYT will not tolerate disrespect directed toward LYT directors, leaders, teachers, adult volunteers, etc. posted on any social media sites.
Students caught posting disrespectful comments will be asked to remove them from the social media site.
Student’s parents or legal guardians will be notified of behavior and consequences will be discussed.
Parents will be notified if students continue with this type of behavior. Students continuing with this type ofbehavior risk removal from LYT.
LYT will not tolerate verbal, non-verbal, or written disrespect directed toward LYT directors, leaders,teachers, adult volunteers, etc
Students demonstrating disrespect will be reprimanded privately and their parents will be called.
Parents will be notified if students continue to demonstrate disrespectful behavior and consequences will be discussed.
Continued disrespectful behavior will result in that student being removed from that class, function,activity, or event for the remainder of the school year.

G.        LIFELIGHT YOUTH THEATRE expects students to demonstrate purity of self in relationships with others.
Public display of affection (PDA) of any sort will not be tolerated during or between LYT classes, activities, functions or events while on the premises of any facility hosting LYT functions or activities.
PDA includes, but is not limited to:
Hugging, with the exception of a side or front hug meant as a greeting
Sitting closer to one another than a ‘normal’ spacing would allow
Holding hands
Any activity with sexual overtones
Procedure to follow if PDA is observed or reported with students 17 years-old or younger:
If an adult observes PDA, he or she is to privately address the students involved. Parental notification will occur if deemed necessary by the adult in charge.
If PDA continues after students have been corrected, parents will be notified.
If continued PDA occurs, students may be removed from that activity for a period of time to be determinedby the director of that activity.
If PDA is determined to be non-consensual or pressured (i.e. sexual misconduct on the part of one party), the following procedures will be followed if students are 17 years-old or younger:
Adult learning of activity will immediately inform SCCHE Board of misconduct.
Parents of all students involved will be notified.
Parents and adults in charge will discuss the situation with the SCCHE Board.
The offending party will be immediately dismissed from all SCCHE/LYT functions and runs the risk of his or her family being dismissed from the group.
If the situation requires reporting to law enforcement authorities (due to state laws), SCCHE/ LYT leadership will follow those laws and report the situation to the proper authorities.
In the case of reported sexual abuse or molestation on the part of one or more students toward anotherstudent or students, the following procedure will be initiated:
Parents will be immediately notified.
An immediate investigation by the SCCHE board will be conducted.
Offending parties will be suspended from LYT & SCCHE activities until investigation is completed.
If allegations are found to warrant concern for the safety of other LYT students, the offending party/parties and their families will be permanently removed from the group.
Proper authorities will be notified as required by law enforcement officials.

LIFELIGHT YOUTH THEATRE expects students who drive themselves to demonstrate safe driving habits when driving a vehicle on the grounds of the facility that LYT is utilizing for a function or activity.
Parking lot speed limits are 10 miles an hour, unless specified as lower by the facility being used.
Students are not to climb on vehicles, or ride on the outside of vehicles at any time that vehicle is on the premisesof any facility being utilized by LYT.
Students are not to drive recklessly while on the premises of any facility being utilized by LYT.
Students are to respect other drivers, especially adult drivers, at all times while they are on the premises of any facility being utilized by LYT.
The following procedure will be observed if driving rules are violated:
Adult observing driving is to address student privately concerning driving issue.
Student’s parents or legal guardians will be notified of the incident.
Student’s parents will be notified if student continues to violate driving guidelines. Continual violation of theseguidelines will result in revocation of student’s privileges to drive on LYT facilities.
Parents will be notified if student continues to drive on LYT facilities after his or her driving privileges have beenrevoked. If this situation occurs, student runs the risk of being removed from the group due to safety issues.

PARKING LOT & Student Driving Policy

Students who have a valid driver’s license and the permission of their parents to drive to and from classes or programs are permitted to do so under the responsibility and liability of the parents. It is the PARENTS responsibility to be aware of 
•    Any student who leaves the class/program location (e.g. lunch, social gathering, errands).
•    Any student who desires to be transported by another driving student.

LifeLight Youth Theatre is not responsible or liable for the conduct of the students or any incident that may occur while students are away from LYT classes or programs.  
Students and parents must observe speeding regulations and all designated parking areas allowed by the host facility. 

Please be extra vigilant and attentive when entering and exiting the parking lot. Parents please supervise young children as they are near or crossing the parking lot. 

LYT expects students to follow the law.
If a student is found to be in possession of any type of weapon, alcohol, or drugs, he or she will be asked to leave the premises immediately. Pocket knives are not considered a weapon unless they are brandished or utilized in a threatening way.
Student’s parents will be immediately notified.
Because possession of these items poses a threat to the safety of LYT students, students violating this rule are subject to removal from LYT.
Proper authorities will be notified as required by law enforcement officials.

V.                Policies for Enforcement
Procedures for dealing with students who violate the rules as stated are generally outlined within each rule.
In more serious behavioral cases (see below) where the safety of any LYT student or students is involved, serious steps will be taken as noted throughout the behavioral guidelines and again below.
The safety and security of LYT students and adults is a top priority in all decision-making over behavioral issues.

VI.             Final Statements
In any case where a student’s physical, mental, or emotional status has been put in jeopardy (malicious behavior, bullying, sexual abuse or molestation, for example), immediate action will be taken as necessary to ensure the safety of all students in LYT.

All disruptive student behavior as outlined above and any other disruptive behavior not directly mentioned, but implied from the above guidelines, will be documented by the directors of each individual class, activity, or function.
A student’s disruptive behavior may affect his or her future participation in LYT classes, activities, or events.

LYT wishes to optimize the value of group classes and activities and reduce the risk of any harm, either emotional or physical, to students or adults; therefore LYT expects all students participating in any LYT function, class, or activity to adhere to the guidelines outlined in this Student Behavior Policy.

Students will be expected to sign a statement indicating that they have read and understood the student behavior policy and agree to the principles indicated within.