We are so excited that you are joining our LifeLight Theatre family in this awesome production adventure! Our shows are a unique and exciting endeavor. We work together to create a professional production that gives students a great sense of accomplishment all while giving God the glory. The show and rehearsal process are vital tools in our mission to build character through training in the performing arts. Not only will your student learn to perform, but they will also learn who they are and their value as a member of the cast. 

LifeLight relies heavily on the support of our parents, and we want your involvement behind the scenes to be as rewarding and fun as your child's experience on stage! 

LifeLight productions are fast paced. There are loads of details to manage, places to be, and responsibilities that all of us carry so that your student’s experience can be the best it can be.  
Putting on a full-scale musical is an enormous undertaking. 
There are sets to paint, costumes to sew, lights to hang, and much more. Our shows would not be possible without our wonderful volunteers.   
LifeLight Youth Theatre requires volunteer time from each family participating in a production.  Without this contribution of time and energy, it would be prohibitively expensive for us to put these shows on stage. 


LifeLight Parent Committees 

BACKSTAGE - TIME: ALL TECH WEEK & ALL PERFORMANCES - Move set pieces on/off stage during dress rehearsals and shows. Keep kids quiet , assist with quick changes and maintain an orderly backstage. Wear black.

COSTUMES - TIME: CREATORS - REHEARSALS, OFF SITE BEFORE SHOW OPENS, ON SITE SOME OF TECH WEEK & SOME PERFORMANCES. HELPERS - ALL OF TECH WEEK & ALL PERFORMANCES - CREATORS - Design, fit, and build/find/buy/rent costumes. Make repairs during shows. Sewing skills helpful but not required. HELPERS- Manage students and costumes (quick changes)in the dressing rooms during Tech Week and performances. CREATORS & HELPERS - Facilitate collection, cleaning, & return of costumes after the show closes. 

GREENROOM /DRESSING ROOMS- TIME: TIME SLOTS DURING TECH WEEK & PERFORMANCES - Manage the room where students wait until they go on stage. Need to keep kids and their things orderly. 

HAIR & MAKE UP / DRESSERS- TIME: ALL TECH WEEK & ALL PERFORMANCES - Design hair and makeup looks. Style hair and apply cast make up for Tech Week and performances. 

HISTORIAN - TIME: SOME REHEARSALS, SOME OF TECH WEEK, & 1-2 PERFORMANCES - Show photographer. Take photos during rehearsals, Tech Week, and 1-2 performances. Take cast photos. Take cast headshots for the show program and photo board displayed in the lobby during performances. Create the lobby photo board. Create the slide show for the Strike Party.  

HOUSE & SAFETY - TIME: ALL PERFORMANCES - Assist with ushering and crowd control during shows. Clean and set up the house (area where the audience sits). Walk the facility during performances to maintain security. 

PROGRAM - TIME: AT HOME - DESIGNER - Design the program using Adobe InDesign. PROOFREADER - Edit/Proof the program. *Proofreaders will be assigned a second team to complete volunteer hour commitment. 

PROPS - TIME: OFF SITE BEFORE SHOW OPENS, TECH WEEK, & PERFORMANCES - Create/find props (items actors hold). Supervise prop table during performances. Repair props as needed.

PUBLICITY (DONATIONS & AD SALES) - TIME: OFF SITE BEFORE SHOW OPENS & PERFORMANCES. -Visit local businesses to request donations for raffles and/or advertisement for the show program. Sell merchandise during performances. 

REFRESHMENTS-TIME: ALL TECH WEEK & ALL PERFORMANCES - Plan, prepare, and serve dinner in between the last two shows on Saturday. 

CONCESSIONS - TIME: ALL TECH WEEK & ALL PERFORMANCES -  Purchase and sell concessions during performances.

SETS - TIME: OFF SITE BEFORE SHOW OPENS, SOME OF TECH WEEK, & PERFORMANCES AS NEEDED. Build, design, and/or pick up set pieces. Deliver and set up the sets for the show. Make repairs as needed. Strike (take down) the sets at the close of the show and return/dispose of the set pieces.

GIFT/ SOUVENIRS - TIME: VARIES - Purchase and make unique show-themed items, flowers, and congratulatory items to sell during public shows. Timeframe: Before and during shows. 

CAST MEALS-TIME: ALL TECH WEEK & ALL PERFORMANCES - Plan, prepare, and serve dinner in between the last two shows on Saturday. 

CAST PARTY - TIME: OFF SITE BEFORE PARTY & DAY OF PARTY - Plan food/decor for cast meal/ party. Decorate/set up for the party. 

TECH - TIME: ALL TECH WEEK & ALL PERFORMANCES - Assist sound/lighting director with set up & tech supervision during show.