If our child wants to play professional baseball, we do not hesitate to get them a private coach to help them with pitching or hitting, if our child wants to be a gymnast, we will hire private choreographers and coaches to prepare them for the next meet, and if our child is falling behind in a subject, we will get private tutors to coach them in subjects they are struggling with.
So, why would the performing arts be any different? Private lessons can be for the student who wishes to take their skill set to the ultimate level or for a student that needs some special attention to help them grow. Private lessons are not just for the child or youth performer that wants to be a professional, they are a great resource for any student that wants to increase a skill set for any given reason.

PERSONALIZED ATTENTION: Students who struggle with a concept can easily, though unintentionally, be overlooked in a classroom setting. In contrast, a private teacher can note areas of struggle and give individual-specific assistance. With the one- on-one attention a child received in the private lesson, he or she can focus on developing individual skills.

RESPONSIBILITY: Private lessons teach personal discipline, accountability, and build a strong work ethic, character traits necessary for success in life. While you can discreetly “hide” in the classroom, no such chance exists in a private lesson—either you practiced, or you didn’t and it’s quickly apparent which it was!

Private lessons give children a sense of identity. It is a special time just for them where they can meet with their teacher and work together to improve their own skills and build confidence. Having someone in your corner rooting for you can also boost your confidence in yourself, and help you show up at auditions/performances ready to give your all.

MOVE AT YOUR OWN PACE: If a child is naturally gifted, nothing can be more frustrating than having to wait for everyone else in the class to catch up and on the opposite if a child is struggling with a skill, they can start to feel defeated if the feel they are holding their classmates back. Private Instructors tailor every lesson to the student’s specific needs, so that they work on the things that will help them make the most progress in the shortest amount of time